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Client Testimonials

  • Paul K. Chicago

    The expertise, training and support from Quinlan has been second to none.

  • Mike W. Chicago

    We’ve seen the competition, and we prefer Quinlan.

  • Darryl B. Willmington

    Totally satisfied with our Video Intercom and Quinlan's service.

  • Michael M. Orland Park

    Quinlan's employees take the time to do it right.

  • Mark D. Orland Park

    Quinlan's employees possess the understanding of customer satisfaction.

  • Charlie S. Crete

    We are very happy with Quinlan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my Alarm Account History?

View Alarm Account History


How Do I Put My Alarm System On Test?

At Quinlan we recommend that you test your Alarm System monthly. To test your system call 877-708-5625- State why you are calling, followed by your account number and your pass code and instruct the operator to put your system on test. Arm your system- Note the order in which you violate the protected zones. Recall the central station and ask for a report of the signals received. Match this with your list and when you are satisfied they work properly, instruct the operator to take the system “off test’ and return to service.
If you have an Alarm System at your home or business, please keep Central Station Cards handy. If you need more cards, contact Quinlan 708-478-0707 and we will gladly send you more Central Station Calling Cards.

Why Quinlan? Service. Expertise. Support. Reliability.

Service Quinlan is a local, family owned company. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations through dedicated employees who care about our customers, our work and each other.
Expertise At Quinlan, we specialize in custom designed systems using the latest products and technology. Our technicians are industry trained & certified with an average experience of 16 years.
Support We offer advanced training to help you get the most out of your system. We offer ongoing customer education through important security tips and the latest technology updates.
Reliability Our 24-hour central security monitoring station is among the most responsive in the field, with immediate notification and action-response.