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Client Testimonials

  • Paul K. Chicago

    The expertise, training and support from Quinlan has been second to none.

  • Mike W. Chicago

    We’ve seen the competition, and we prefer Quinlan.

  • Darryl B. Willmington

    Totally satisfied with our Video Intercom and Quinlan's service.

  • Michael M. Orland Park

    Quinlan's employees take the time to do it right.

  • Mark D. Orland Park

    Quinlan's employees possess the understanding of customer satisfaction.

  • Charlie S. Crete

    We are very happy with Quinlan.

Case Studies


“Quinlan Cameras Save Employee’s Job”

Filmquest’s Vice President of Operations, Steve Smith, first came to Quinlan Security Systems back in 2011 when he was looking to add some security to their Bolingbrook, IL location.  He had quotes from many different competitors, but ultimately decided Quinlan was the best choice. Recently, we had a chance to interview Steve Smith and talk about some of the major things Filmquest has gained from their security system.


Unfortunately, Filmquest’s security system was put to the test last year when one of their employee’s experienced a scary situation. An entire wall collapsed while the employee was trying to retrieve a pallet. When management was first notified of the incident, they believed it was a situation of employee error and had planned to have the employee terminated. Luckily, the entire thing was caught on camera, and management was able to go back and determine it was not the operator’s fault. Not only did it save the employee’s career, but it also allowed Filmquest to re-evaluate their safety protocols and make improvements.


                Filmquest witnessed the importance of their security system again when they experienced a break in over Labor Day. Steve Smith was shopping at a grocery store near the Filmquest location when he received a call from the security monitoring service. They explained that a motion detector had been set off, and wanted to know if he’d like them to dispatch the police. He immediately pulled up the camera view on his phone, but did not see any sign of movement or activity. Since he was so close, he declined the dispatch and decided to just go check out the situation himself.  While he was on his way, Steve received a second call saying that a second motion detector had been set off. At this point he knew something was wrong. When he initially arrived he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but still decided to check the cameras for the past few hours to make sure. Surprisingly, he saw that a shirtless man had entered the building. Steve suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to change the door lock schedule to the holiday schedule. This meant that the doors had automatically unlocked as normal on Monday morning. The man had begun to walk through the offices, but when the alarm went off, he quickly left. About 10 minutes later, the man returned and the alarm was set off again. This time he stayed, and walked around the building taking a look around. After a few minutes he left, and fortunately did not take anything with him. Just two minutes later into the video footage, Steve Smith viewed himself pull into the parking lot. Although the intruder didn’t steal anything in this situation, the camera footage had clear images of the man’s face and gave them the evidence they needed if another issue was to occur.

Increase Productivity

Steve went on to explain that their security system has greatly increased productivity. He estimated that they have had at least a 30-40% increase overall. The camera system has also allowed them to use footage for training purposes and to see how they can improve certain procedures and protocols. He also explained that some of the benefits of the system are hard to quantify, but none the less still very important. For example, he said in some situations the speed hasn’t necessarily increased, but the cameras have most definitely improved the accuracy. Because Filmquest is around 65,000 square feet, they also use the system to locate people quickly and waste less time walking around trying to find someone.

Better Than the “Big Guys”

 “The staff that you’ve got is exceptional. I can’t say enough about your people. Even though I had a number of quotes from some of the big guys, I’m so thankful we went your direction. I feel the service we receive is more personalized and there is more concern to make sure we have exactly what we need.”  - Steve Smith, Filmquest



Why Quinlan? Service. Expertise. Support. Reliability.

Service Quinlan is a local, family owned company. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations through dedicated employees who care about our customers, our work and each other.
Expertise At Quinlan, we specialize in custom designed systems using the latest products and technology. Our technicians are industry trained & certified with an average experience of 16 years.
Support We offer advanced training to help you get the most out of your system. We offer ongoing customer education through important security tips and the latest technology updates.
Reliability Our 24-hour central security monitoring station is among the most responsive in the field, with immediate notification and action-response.